14k gold butterfly earring - fine gold earrings - contemporary art earrings

14k gold butterfly earring - fine gold earrings - contemporary art earrings 

14k gold butterfly earrings, art earrings
14k gold butterfly earrings
Art handmade earrings, modern earrings
Yellow gold butterfly earrings
Wire butterfly earrings, contemporary earrings
Modern earrings

Gold handmade earrings, unusual earrings
Unusual earrings

Art earrings, gold insect earrings
Art earrings

Ηandmade, butterfly wire sculpture, long, dangle earrings made ​​of yellow, solid gold 14k, wire.
The height of the fine butterfly earrings is 1. cm (0.59in), and the wingspan is 2.5cm (0.98in).
Overall height is 7.1 cm (2.79in). Clips and wire from which standing the butterflies is solid gold 14k.

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 Different colors and dimensions, more solid gold or solid silver are available, so don't hesitate to discuss with me, your preference.
Ask me to see photos from other ideas made, flowers insects animals etc.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help you.
Thank you for your interest.