14k gold butterfly stud earrings, Mini wire sculpture jewelry, Fine art earrings, Everyday jewelry

                                                        14k Gold butterfly earrings


14k gold butterfly stud earrings art jewelry, handmade of 14k solid yellow gold wire and silver.

 Tiny wire sculpture insect earrings mismatch.

                 Wire butterfly earrings

Butterfly stud earrings
Butterfly earrings

These cute insect earrings are mismatched. 

Insect earrings
Insect earrings

*First butterfly
*Length: 0.8cm (0.31in)
*Width: 0.8cm (0.31in).

*Second butterfly
*Length: 1cm (0.39in)
*Width: 1cm (0.39in).

*The pins are solid silver.

Wire butterfly earrings
Wire butterfly earrings

You can make different combinations with other tiny studs

Look at the picture below

14k gold stud earrings

Wire art earrings
Art earrings

Mini wire sculpture earrings, everyday jewelry for women

Butterfly stud earrings
14k gold earrings

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